Wireless Communication Technology
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Standards Organizations and Forums
Additional Standards Sites
References & Links Sites

Wireless Communication
Standards Organizations and Forums

ASN1 Information Site
ATM Forum
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Frame Relay Forum
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
ITU Internation Telecommunication Union
IPv6 IPv6 Forum
ISO International Standards Organization
OMG Object Management Group
Open Group  
W3C World WideWebConsortium

Wireless Communication
Additional Standards Sites

Computer and Communication
Internet Drafts IETF
RFCs Internet Request for Comments
MIT Libraries Standards Guide
PictureTel Standards Organizations


3COM Technologies white papers and information on technologies and protocols
Access to Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Information
ADSL Forum  
Bluetooth Getting past the rhetoric
Bluetooth Bluetooth makes life easier
Bluetooth The original and definitive internet guide to Bluetooth technology
OSS The answer to your ASN.1 problems
C7.COM SS7/C7 portal with resources and discussion forum
CDMA Development Group


Computer Consultants
Computer Networking Internet Protocols excellent resource for IP protocols.
Educational Webtorials Voice over Frame Relay, IP, ATM tutorials
Federal Standard 1037C Glossary of Telecommunication Terms
Frame Relay Tutorials
HN Networks Data Communications and Telecommunications training in UK
IP xStream News about IP Telephony
International Engineering Consortium (IEC)Tutorials
Internet resources For the network professional
MultiProtocol Label Switching
Performance Technologies SS7 Tutorial
OFTP Odette File Transfer Protocol (French)
PeSIT Protocol for the Banking Profession (French)
RAD Networks Tutorial
Radius Information  
TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview
ITpapers Technology Guides for IT Professionals
TeleChoice xDSL.com
Training City On-line training courses in computer telephony and voice over data.
Voice over IP Resource page 
VPN Virtual Private network
The UMTS Site   
The SIP Center  


America's Network

Data Communications

Internet Week
Network Magazine
Network World

References & Links Sites

Bitpipe In-dept IP information reference
CrossTouch Telecommunications links and courses
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
Dtool Resource for network design, Cisco news, VPNs, Frame Relay, SNMP, Java, Javascript.
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Many unique parameters and protocol values necessary for operation of the Internet and its future development.
InterOperability Lab Training
ITtoolbox Networking Content, community, and service for Networking professionals (technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and more).
ITPRC Information technology professional's resource center
LIDO TeleCom WebCentral Telecommunications links throughout the Internet
LinuxTelephony Bridging the linux and telephony paths.
Logtel A useful site for technical courses and seminars.
Network Design and Research Center Glossary of networking terms
Network Cabling Help
Micom Glossary of networking terms
MCSE Place  
PC Webopaedia (see search box below).
Physical Connectors (cables)
Protocol Testing An annotated index for communication protocol testing
Saint Roch Tree Networking links
Source for analysis Of the wireless economy
TechFest links throughout the Internet on networking
Tek-Tips Forums Technical work forums for computer professionals
Telecommunication Information links to Internet sites which have useful information on telecommunications
Technology Books Bookstore with technology and networking books.
Tolly Switch Central Articles and information about switches.
SS7 Applications  


Telogy VoIP information

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