H.323 Architecture

To see how to generate thousands of H.323 calls and stress test an H.323 network
Gatekeeper Manages a zone (collection of H.323 devices). Required Functionality: Address translation, admissions control, bandwidth control. Optional Functionality: Call authorization, bandwidth management, supplementary services, directory services, call management services.
Gateway Provides interoperability between different networks, converts signalling and media e.g., IP/PSTN gateway.
H.323 Terminal Endpoint on a LAN. Supports real-time, 2-way communications with another H.323 entity. Must support voice (audio codecs) and signalling (Q.931, H.245, RAS). Optionally supports video and data e.g., PC phone or videophone, Ethernet phone.
MCU Supports conferences between 3 or more endpoints. Contains multi-point controller (MC) for signalling. May contain multi-point processor (MP) for media stream processing. Can be stand-alone (i.e., PC) or integrated into a gateway, gatekeeper or terminal.

H.323 architecture

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