Voice Over IP Reference Page

Voice over IP is increasing in importance. Protocols.com has collected various resources that should be of interest to professionals involved with implementing or testing Voice over IP implementations.


H.323 H.323
Megaco H.248 Gateway Control Protocol
MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol
RVP over IP Remote Voice Protocol Over IP Specification
SAPv2 Session Announcement Protocol
SGCP Simple Gateway Control Protocol
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
Skinny Skinny Client Control Protocol (Cisco)


DVB Digital Video Broadcasting
H.261 Video stream for transport using the real-time transport
H.263 Bitstream in the Real-time Transport Protocol
RTCP RTP Control protocol
RTP Real-Time Transport
H.323 Protocols Suite
H.225 Covers narrow-band visual telephone services
H.225 Annex G
H.235 Security and authentication
H.245 Negotiates channel usage and capabilities
H.450.1 Series defines Supplementary Services for H.323
H.450.2 Call Transfer supplementary service for H.323
H.450.3 Call diversion supplementary service for H.323
H.450.4 Call Hold supplementary service
H.450.5 Call Park supplementary service
H.450.6 Call Waiting supplementary service
H.450.7 Message Waiting Indication supplementary service
H.450.8 Calling Party Name Presentation supplementary service
H.450.9 Completion of Calls to Busy Subscribers supplementary service
H.450.10 Call Offer supplementary service
H.450.11 Call Intrusion supplementary service
H.450.12 ANF-CMN supplementary service
RAS Manages registration, admission, status
T.38 IP-based fax service maps
T.125 Multipoint Communication Service Protocol (MCS).
SIP Protocols
SDP Session Description Protocol
SIP Session Initiation Protocol

VoIP References

VoIP Standards
H.323 Architecture
Converged Network Architecture
SIP Architecture
Voice-over-data network gear ahead of business demand
Voice over ATM
Voice over Frame Relay, IP and ATM
Voice over Frame Relay
H.323 Tutorial
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